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Tay Township raises flag and proclaims April as Daffodil Month

Posted on Monday April 01, 2019
Canadian Cancer Society representatives Roger Flint and Cleon Carruthers, Councillor Barry Norris, Councillor Mary Warnock, and Mayor Ted Walker raise a flag in support of Daffodil Month.

WHEREAS people in our community are touched by cancer every day, and;

WHEREAS since the first campaign more than 60 years ago, people in our community have helped the Canadian Cancer Society fund research that is helping more people in our community survive cancer, and;

WHEREAS the Canadian Cancer Society is leading the way in the fight against cancer in communities across Canada by empowering, informing, supporting and improving the lives of Canadians living with cancer and rallying Canadians to join the fight against cancer, and;

WHEREAS Daffodil Month reminds us to learn about the steps we can take to reduce our risk of cancer and celebrates the tremendous contributions of volunteers and donors;

Therefore be it resolved that I, Ted Walker, Mayor of the Corporation of Township of Tay, do hereby proclaim the month of

April 2019 as Daffodil Month

in the Corporation of the Township of Tay, and I urge all citizens of Tay to assist in the fight against cancer by supporting the Canadian Cancer Society during Daffodil Month.

Ted Walker