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Fire Permits

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Fire Permits

Tay Township requires that property owners obtain a fire permit before proceeding with any outdoor fires. Fire permits, good for the calendar year, can be obtained online by clicking on the logo below or in person at the municipal office during regular office hours. The cost for a fire permit is $20 (no tax).

Click here to buy a Tay Township Fire Permit using

Click here to buy a Tay Township Fire Permit using

Note: 2017 fire permits were valid until March 31, 2018. All 2017 permits are now expired and no-longer valid. You can purchase a 2018 fire permit using the above link to 

What can I burn?

No Yard Waste is allowed to be burned in any area that is located on the Georgian Bay side of Highway 12 Tay Township, the Village of Waverley, Bramhall Park, Candlelight Village and Nielsen Road Subdivision. Yard waste may be burned in rural areas not listed in the previous sentence.

How big can my fire be?

Total size of any fire can be no more than one cubic metre.

Below are some things to remember when burning:

  • Everyone planning to have an outdoor fire needs a permit;
  • No yard waste burning is allowed in residential zones;
  • Permits may be purchased online at any time or at the Municipal Office during regular business hours;
  • In order to get a permit you must either be the owner of the property, or have permission from the owner;
  • Notices of Fire Bans will be posted on the Township website and on the answering machine at the Municipal Office;
  • Burning without a Fire Permit will result in a fine along with potential costs associated with putting out the fire;
  • Whether recreational or non-recreational burning, the size of a fire cannot be more than one cubic metre;
  • Complete open air burning by-law provides additional information.