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Doors Open Ontario

Doors Open Ontario

The Ontario Heritage Trust works with communities across the province to open the doors, gates and courtyards of their unique and most fascinating cultural sites so you can explore the stories inside. Doors Open Tay is organized by volunteers from the Tay Heritage Committee.

This year, 11 municipalities in Simcoe County are participating. Each site offers a unique experience with the opening of historically and architecturally significant sites. Every location tells part of the story of settlement and development of the communities in which they are found.

Doors Open Simcoe County Start planning your excursion today and discover the story behind every door!

Participating Sites in Tay

  1. Victoria Manor 121 Richard Street, Victoria Harbour
  2. Victoria Mercantile Company 154 William Street, Victoria Harbour
  3. Former Library / Town Hall 152 William Street, Victoria Harbour
  4. Woodland Rest 200 Cherry Street, Waubaushene
  5. Brodeur House 209 Cherry Street, Waubaushene
  6. Christ Church 22 Hazel Street, Waubaushene
  7. Former Waverley School 6462 Highway 93, Waverley