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Parks and Trails

Tay has many parks and trails to explore.

Tay Trail

Trails are a wonderful way to spend an enjoyable day, relaxing and taking in the scenery. There are spectacular views and natural areas that can be enjoyed as you travel the Tay Shore Trail.  The Tay Shore Trail is fully accessible trail that permits walkers, bicyclists, rollerbladers and cross country skiing.

We ask that you follow the user guidelines so that everyone will have a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience this will help preserve the trail for future generations.


Tay has fantastic parks and playgrounds to enjoy. Whether you are looking to find the perfect picnic place, a place to swim or a place to just relax Tay offers a wide range of parks and playgrounds.

Experience the beautiful open spaces of Tay Township.

NEW - Proposed Port McNicoll Harbour Park

New Smoke-Free Ontario Act Regulations effective January 1, 2015

Under the new regulations, the smoke-free area for municipal playgrounds and sporting areas encompasses an area extending 20 meters from the perimeter of each site (including accompanying spectator areas).