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Tay Township Council Approves 2022 Budget

Posted on Tuesday November 30, 2021


Date: November 30, 2021

Time: 3:30 P.M.

Tay Township Council Approves 2022 Budget

Tay, Ontario – On November 24, 2021 Tay Township Council approved the Township’s 2022 budget that includes $9.8 million in taxation and $5.4 million in water & wastewater rates and levies.

Tay Township’s municipal tax increase for 2022 is 1%. The overall residential property tax bill impact for 2022, including County and Education taxes, is projected to be at or below 1.02%. For an average home in Tay assessed at $222,938 this will mean an increase of $2.03/month.

The Township’s annual budget also includes funding from reserves, grants, development charges and investments which all contribute to funding municipal services and construction projects. In 2022 Tay has planned to undertake $3.3 million in taxation supported capital projects and $2.2 million in water & wastewater rate supported capital projects. While water rates will remain the same in 2022 as they were in 2021, wastewater system users will see a 4% increase to rates or $3.17/month for a single family home.

Mayor Ted Walkernoted that “Council put forth considerable thought into how the Township delivers the quality services that our residents rely on every day while continuing to recognize the need for financial constraint during this time and, as a result challenged staff early in the budget process to target a rate increase of 1% or less.”

CAO Lindsay Barron added that “as a result of service efficiencies being realized by the breaking down of internal silos, staff were able to meet Council’s challenge of a 1% rate increase by making lasting improvements in the way we operate the organization both today and tomorrow.”

Budget Highlights

Oakwood Park and Community Centre Improvements

The addition of a hard surface sports pad at Oakwood Park will take place including paving the existing trail from where the paved trail was constructed, to the existing walkway located between the rink and washroom facility. The rink boards will also be replaced, and the worn netting at Oakwood Park, that prevents balls from escaping onto neighbouring properties, will be replaced. Staff will also review the kitchen facilities within the Oakwood Community Centre and replace any cabinets, countertops and appliances as needed.

Sheppard Park Play Structure

With the Victoria Woods subdivision almost complete this project has been moved up in the Long Term Plan to recognize the Community’s need for park space in this area.

Snow Plough Fleet Replacements

The Township will replace 3 plough trucks in 2022, ensuring snow clearing operations continue to be safe, efficient and effective. This proactive decision is based on multiple factors including build-times for trucks and equipment, the age of the current units, and the high cost of maintenance on existing equipment.

Tay Township is committed to delivering responsive and cost-effective municipal services and infrastructure that provide for the long-term economic, social and environmental well-being of its residents and community.



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