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Tay Township Modernizes Organizational Structure to Improve Service Delivery

Posted on Thursday June 25, 2020


Date: June 25, 2020
Time: 6:00 A.M.

Tay Township Modernizes Organizational Structure to Improve Service Delivery

Tay, Ontario – Tay Township Council is excited to announce a new organizational structure after an eight month review of the Township’s structure involving expert outside assistance from KPMG, stakeholder interviews with members of the Public, Council and staff, and careful consideration of what structure would best serve our community in delivering modern, effective, responsive, and cost effective services in the year 2020 and onwards.

While the Township prides itself in delivering quality and cost effective services today, Tay Township Council and management appreciate that there is, like in every organization, always room for improvement.  With Council’s approval of a new organizational structure at their meeting on June 24, the Township has committed itself to seeking improvements in the delivery of services and how the Township interacts with our Community Members.

Mayor Ted Walker said that “Council has put forth considerable thought and effort into how Tay Township delivers the quality services that our residents rely on every day.  By re-organizing the internal structure of the organization, Council believes that residents will benefit from the alignment of common services and the resulting single points of contact with the Township for most services.”

Lindsay Barron, Chief Administrative Officer, added that “With the re-alignment of service delivery into three departments, down from the previous six, Township staff will be able to break through barriers to internal communication and provide more responsive and coordinated service to our Community Members.  Through improved internal communication and coordination, the Township will also be able to move forward on the modernization of services to better match the present-day expectations of the people we are proud and dedicated to serve.”

Effective July 1, 2020, Tay Township services will be aligned into one of three departments.  The Corporate Services department will deliver communications, financial, legislative and technology services for internal and external stakeholders.  The Operational Services department will deliver engineering, roads, parks, recreation, facility and water/wastewater services.  The Protective and Development Services department will deliver land use planning, building, municipal law enforcement, emergency management and fire protection services.  The General Managers of these three departments will report directly to the Chief Administrative Officer, who will also oversee human resource and health and safety functions.

Although the Tay Township Municipal Office currently remains closed to the public for most in-person services due to COVID-19, staff will be working to implement these organizational changes in order to be prepared to serve our community effectively upon re-opening.  In the meantime staff are available during regular business hours to assist you the best that they can with services that they can provide over the phone, by email or online.  Township staff can be contacted at 705-534-7248 or via email by visiting

For up-to-date information about the impacts of COVID-19 precautions on Tay Township municipal services, please visit, follow us on Twitter @TayTownship or call us at 705-534-7248.

Tay Township is committed to delivering responsive and cost-effective municipal services and infrastructure that provide for the long-term economic, social and environmental well-being of its residents and community.



Ted Walker
Phone: 705-534-7248 x258

Lindsay Barron, CPA, CGA, HBCom
Chief Administrative Officer
Phone: 705-534-7248 x222

Daryl C. W. O’Shea
Director of Technology and Communications
Phone: 705-534-7248 x233