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Water Conservation


Raymond Knuff
Environmental Superintendent
The Corporation of the Township of Tay 450 Park Street, PO Box 100 Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada L0K 2A0
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Water is our most important natural resource. Responsible water usage is the key to conserving this valuable resource and ensuring it's available to us in times of need.

Limits are established by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Control (MOECC) on how much water can be taken from lakes. These limits are determined by average levels of consumption by communities. Municipalities cannot exceed the limits determined by the MOECC without being subjected to potential charges under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

During the summer months, water consumption in Tay Township can more than double due to lawn and garden watering.

If public demand for water exceeds Tay Township's capacity to supply, it becomes necessary to issue a Water Ban to ensure that there is an adequate amount of water to handle such emergencies. A Water Ban prohibits the use of all outdoor watering. Watering bans are advertised on community signs, radio and the website.

To help manage water usage and ensure a sufficient supply is on hand for an emergency, such as firefighting Tay Township has a bylaw in place which regulates how and when water can be used for non-essential needs.

Refer to the Water Restriction Policy and By-law to ensure you are aware of guidelines.

What can you do to help ensure an adequate water supply...

  • Fix leaking faucets or toilets
  • Water efficient shower heads and toilets
  • Resist water your lawn or rinsing down driveway
  • Resist washing clothes when the tubs half full
  • Collect water from your eaves trough to water plants
  • Turn off water while brushing your teeth

Tay Township bylaw officers are responsible for water conservation, water usage bylaw. Refusal to follow the bylaw is punishable under the Provincial Offences Act and could result in a fine.

Water Conservation Is Everyone's Responsibility!