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It is important to consult with the Planner about the requirements of the Zoning By-law (setbacks, lot coverage, height, etc.) when you are thinking about building an addition on your property. Zoning By-law clearance must be obtained by submitting a Zoning Certificate Application to the Planning and Development Department for approval. Approval of a Zoning Certificate Application must be obtained prior to applying for a Building Permit.

If you are demolishing a building you must ensure all utilities and services to the building have been disconnected and capped off (if applicable). You also need to fill out the Section 357/358 Application Form included in the Building Permit package. Once a demolition permit has been issued and the work is completed, the Municipal Property and Assessment Corporation is notified which may lead to an adjustment in assessment.

Obtain applicable forms as per the Ontario Building Code:

Application - Additions, Foundations, Interior Renovations and Demolitions Permit Packages

What needs to be submitted with Application Forms?

  • Provincial Application form signed and complete
  • Site Plan
  • Construction Plans-2 sets
  • Authorization from Owner to obtain Permit if Applicant is not the Registered Owner
  • Confirmation of a No Encroachments Agreement Encroachment form (and a Septic Application if required.)

Does the project include a residence with a separate entrance and cooking facilities?

If so please note the Water Sewer Billing Policy found in the Building Permit package.

How long will it take to obtain the Permit?

It will take 7 to 10 business days to issue a permit AFTER you have obtained a Zoning Certificate. The Building Department will call you when the permit has been issued and is ready to be picked up.

You cannot commence building until your permit has been issued and is posted on site.