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A building permit is required if your Deck is:

  • more than 108 square feet or
  • attached to the house or
  • more than 2 feet off the ground or
  • serving as an exit to the house

All Decks must meet the requirements of the Zoning By-law whether a permit is required or not.

Application for and approval of a Zoning Certificate must be obtained prior to applying for a Building Permit. For further information please see the following two links:

You need a permit:

When installing a Swimming Pool, you must enclose the area around the pool according to the Pool Fence By-law. You must apply for a building permit prior to installation. Above ground pool decks require a permit.

When installing a fence to enclose your property (and it is not to enclose a pool) you will NOT require a building permit. However, you should consult the Township to ensure your plans will comply with the rules for height and Zoning By-law.

Even if you do not require a permit according to these general rules, it is important to consult with the Planning Technician with regard to the regulations of the Zoning By-law when you are thinking about building anything on your property.

Obtain applicable forms to submit an application for building permit as per the Ontario Building Code:

What needs to be submitted with Application Forms?

  • Site Plan (can be a marked up current survey, or a detailed and dimensioned drawing of property and where project will be situated) all referenced to a current survey
  • Construction Plans-2 sets
  • Authorization from Owner to obtain Permit if Applicant is not the Registered Owner
  • A surveyor may be required to pin the location of a project to ensure compliance with the setbacks.

The cost of your permit will be according the current Fee and Services By-law.

How long will it take to obtain the Permit?

It will take 7 to 10 business days to issue a permit AFTER it has been approved by Zoning. The Building Department will call you when the permit has been issued and is ready to be picked up.

You cannot commence building until your permit has been issued and is posted on site.