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Grass Cutting & Weed Control


Jennifer Nichols
Municipal Law Enforcement Officer
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Grass Cutting

Grass cutting and weed control including ditches and boulevards are the responsibility of all property owners.

The Public Works Department will cut the grass within the Townships right-of-way to maintain safe sight at intersections and boulevards at their discretion.

  • Rural Areas - Once a year grass shall be cut along the edge of the grass line by the first week of July.
  • Urban Areas - Twice a year grass the boulevard along the road shall be cut where possible. The first cut by the first week of July and the second cut shall be started by the last week of August.

Weed Control

Homeowners are responsible for all weed control on the property including the boulevard. The Township does not spray for weeds due to the negative Environmental Impact.

Tips for Safe and Easy Weed Control

Pour some white distilled vinegar into your spray bottle. Use vinegar with a 15-20% acetic level. The stronger the acetic level, the more effective your spray will be. On a dry day in your garden, spray the weeds with vinegar. Make sure not to spray your other plants or vegetables as they will also feel the burn if they come into contact with the vinegar. In a couple days your garden will be free and clear of those offensive weeds .

Grass Cutting & Weed Control keeps your property looking tidy and your neighbours happy!