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The Corporation of the Township of Tay
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Not all vacant lots have municipal water and/or sanitary service laterals pre-installed.

The Municipality is responsible to install water and/or water and sanitary services to the property line only. Property owners are responsible for the cost of the work.

Deposits are required to be paid prior to advertising the work.

$6,000.00 per service

Therefore, if you needed both water and sanitary service lateral installed to the property line, a deposit of $12,000.00 is required.

Service installation or replacements are advertised to contractors with experience working on water and sanitary mains and, have supplied WSIB, insurance and proof of health and safety plan.

The property owner is responsible for the maintenance, repair and installation of service lines that are between the property line/valve and the building.

Property owners are advised of costs before proceeding and accepting a quotation for the job.