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Property Tax FAQ

How can I change the mailing address for my property?

To prevent misdirected bills, please advise the Treasury Department in writing of any mailing address changes. Failure to do so may result in penalty and interest charges on overdue accounts. To change ownership on a property, we require a copy of the Land Transfer and/or a confirmation letter from your lawyer once the sale has been completed. Treasury Department staff will then revise your mailing address and send a copy of the change to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

Submitting Your Change of Address

You can submit your change of address request in a variety of ways:

In Person

Tay Township Municipal Office
Treasury Department
450 Park Street
Victoria Harbour, ON

By Fax


By Mail

Tay Township
P.O. Box 100
Victoria Harbour, ON
L0K 2A0

By E-Mail

How can I remove a deceased owner's name from a property?

To remove a deceased owner's name from the tax roll, Tay Township requires a copy of the death certificate or a letter from your lawyer together with a copy of the deed which shows that you co-own the property. This is called "joint tenancy". If you do not have joint tenancy, please consult your lawyer.

How can I get information on a deceased owner's account?

If you require financial information on the account of a deceased individual, please provide Tay Township with a copy of the owner's Last Will and Testament naming you as executor of the estate. If you require financial information on the account of a living individual who is no longer able to handle his/her own affairs, please provide a copy of the Power of Attorney form naming you as POA. Due to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, we are unable to provide information without these documents.

My mortgage company pays my taxes, so why did I receive this bill?

If your mortgage company is responsible for paying taxes on your behalf and you do not see this noted on the bottom of your bill, kindly forward a copy of your tax bill to them. The mortgage company must request, in writing, that their interest be added to your property tax account. We will then forward future copies of your tax bill directly to the mortgage company for payment. You will also continue to receive a copy of the tax bill for your records.

What happens if I have appealed my assessment?

If you have appealed your assessment and have not yet received a decision from MPAC, please remember to pay your tax bill, as is, by the due date. If a credit is forthcoming, it will be applied to your account in a timely manner.

How can I change my school support?

In order to change your school support designation on the assessment roll, an application for Direction of School Support must be filled out and sent to the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) Central Processing Facility. Once completed, you may forward your application directly to MPAC or drop it off at the school your child attends. You may also drop off your form at the Tay Township Municipal Office and we will forward it on your behalf.