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Tree Liability


Public Works Department
Administrative Support Person
The Corporation of the Township of Tay 450 Park Street, PO Box 100 Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada L0K 2A0
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T. 705-534-7248 x230
Toll Free: 1-800-281-8869
F. 705-534-4493


Do you know whose responsibility it is when one of your trees fall?

What about when your neighbour's tree pummels your new fence and swing set?

Here's a quick, general guide just to put you in the know:

YOUR TREE + YOUR HOUSE: Your insurance pays to remove the tree and for the damage to your home.

YOUR TREE + NEIGHBOUR'S HOUSE: Neighbour's insurance pays.

NEIGHBOUR'S TREE + YOUR HOUSE: Your insurance pays.

YOUR TREE + YOUR YARD + DOESN'T HIT ANYTHING: You pay out of pocket for the removal.

If you have a concern you may contact the Public Works Department at 705-534-7248 ext. 230 or, ext. 255. 

Contact the Public Works Department if you have a concern regarding a tree.