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Vandalism and Graffiti


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The Corporation of the Township of Tay 450 Park Street, PO Box 100 Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada L0K 2A0
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T. 705-534-7248 x230
Toll Free: 1-800-281-8869
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What is graffiti?

Graffiti is the etching, painting or placing of a mark on public or private property. When any type of graffiti is placed on public or private property it is considered an act of vandalism and is against the law.

How can graffiti be prevented?

Removing graffiti immediately helps prevent or deter future vandalism and, it's easier to remove.

  • Remove graffiti quickly
  • Use anti-graffiti protective coatings
  • Reduce access to walls (e.g. fencing, landscaping).
  • Restrict access during high-risk times (e.g. lock gates at night).
  • Increase lighting.
  • Increase surveillance (e.g. involve neighbours, install monitoring device, use alarms or movement-activated lighting).
  • Use materials and coatings to deter graffiti.
  • Reduce the size and number of walls through landscaping, colour, texture, art or design.

Reporting graffiti

Graffiti on public and private property can be reported directly to Tay Township.

  • Bylaw Officer ext. 237
  • Building and Facilities Manager ext. 235 

If you see graffiti vandalism in progress call 911.   Graffiti is a crime and should be reported.

Vandalism is a Crime and it Costs Everyone Money!