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Water and Wastewater Bills

Flat Rate Customers

Water and wastewater invoices are issued quarterly in February, May, August and November of each year. These invoices are due on or about the 20th of each month of March, June, September and December. Failure to receive your invoice will not void a late payment charge.

Residential water and wastewater charges are billed at a flat rate, typically set by Council in November. The rates are listed below.

Residential Water and Wastewater Rates                                  

  • Water                $208.25 (quarterly)     $833.00 (annually)
  • Wastewater       $246.00 (quarterly)     $984.00 (annually)

Metered Customers

Commercial customers are metered and billed on a monthly basis. The flat rate minimum fees are listed below:

Water Meter Rate


  per cubic metre


Minimum Charge


  minimum residential charge


  per service lateral (22.5 cm)



  minimum commercial


  per service lateral (18.0 cm)

Wastewater Meter Rate


  per cubic metre


Minimum Charge


  minimum residential charge


  per service lateral



  minimum commercial


  per service lateral


The owner of a property is responsible for the payment of all rates and charges for water and wastewater services, and the invoice shall be issued under the owner's name.

Since some rental leases provide for the payment of water/wastewater bills by the Tenant, Tay Township has created a Landlord/Tenant Agreement which, once completed, will allow us to send a duplicate water/wastewater bill to the Tenant.

It remains the responsibility of the property owner to ensure all water/wastewater bills are paid by the Tenant. If the Tenant should default on payment, the onus is on the property owner to make payment to Tay Township.

Please note that the water/wastewater account must be up to date before a property owner may enter into a Landlord/Tenant Agreement.

Default on Payment of Water/Wastewater Accounts

Penalty of 5% is applied to any outstanding water/wastewater account balances remaining after the due date.  

A Reminder Notice is sent within 15 days after the due date and a Final Notice is sent approximately 40 days after the due date. The Final Notice allows the property owner 14 additional days to remit payment of the past due balance.

If payment is not received, the Township, as part of its collection procedure, will add the past due balance to the tax account together with a processing fee and may elect to disconnect water services.

There are a number of related fees associated with the connection and disconnection of your water services.

Payment Provisions  

A variety of payment options are available for payment of your water/wastewater account.

Ownership Changes

Changes to property ownership take place after the sale has closed and should be reported to Tay Township as quickly as possible, in order for the account to be transferred into the new owner's name. Please note that verbal requests are not sufficient; a legal document such as a copy of the Land Transfer and/or a confirmation letter from your lawyer is required to make any such changes.

Water & Wastewater Financial Reports

Please visit out Budgets and Financial Information page.