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Winter Maintenance

Roads within Tay Township are maintained by three separate authorities; the County of Simcoe, the Ministry of Transportation, and Tay Township.  The majority of the roads are the responsibility of the Township to maintain, with the exception of the following:

County of Simcoe, Maintenance Operations
Customer Service Centre

T. 705-735-6901
Toll Free: 1-800-263-3199

  • Vasey Road
  • Old Fort Road

Ministry of Transportation
Carillion Canada Inc.
T. 1-866-618-0825

  • Highway 12 

  • Highway 93

Public Works Department After Hours
T. 705-526-5762

Maintenance questions and concerns can be made directly to the appropriate authority.  

Long before the season's first snowfall, road maintenance crews are preparing for the winter. Dump trucks and graders are transformed into snowploughs, maintenance in preparation of winter is performed and supplies of sand and salt are stockpiled.

Snow removal for the municipality follows a Council-approved Winter Operations Policy so that roads and sidewalks are ploughed and sanded or salted in the most timely and effective manner.

Tay Township maintains approximately 376 kilometres of roads, sidewalks, 15 parking lots, intersections, and 7 bridges.  Equipment includes:

  • Six Snow Plough and Sanders
  • One Grader
  • One Sidewalk Blower
  • One Loader


With an accumulation of snow, main roads are cleared first to ensure that you and emergency service vehicles such as fire trucks and ambulances, can safely travel to hospitals, schools, and work during or immediately after a snowfall.

Residential streets are cleared to a snow-packed surface condition.

Heavy snowfalls or successive storms can sometimes delay the snow removal process.

Clearing of snow bank at all residential, commercial and industrial driveways and entrances is the responsibility of the property owner.

Winter Road Patrol Policy

Snow Ploughing Policy

Snowplow Property Damage Policy

Sanding and Salting

Sand/salt trucks are dispatched at the start of a snowfall and at the first sign that roads are becoming icy. Streets with the greatest volume of traffic are sanded or salted first.

Sand is used on snow-packed local residential streets at intersections, hills, and curves.

Salt is the most commonly used chemical for snow and ice control. Salt is widely used because of its effectiveness at moderate subfreezing temperatures, relatively low cost, availability, and ease of application.

Sanding Policy


Sidewalks are to be cleared within 48 hours after the end of the snow fall. Heavy snowfalls or successive storm events can sometimes extend these periods.

Winter Sidewalk Maintenance Policy

The safety of our roads is very important to us. If you have a question or concern, please feel free to contact us.

Call 705-534-7248 ext. 230 to speak with the Public Works Administrative Assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can I do to prepare for a snow storm?

A. Keep parked cars off the street so that ploughs can move through the streets more effectively. When a snow storm is in the forecast, you should ensure that you purchase any food, medication, and household supplies that you might need for the next 48 hours. Try to stay off the streets.

Q. Which streets and sidewalks get plowed first and why?

A. Streets designated as "priority" are cleared first and then crews take care of the remainder of the streets

Winter maintenance and road safety is a priority to ensure the safety of Tay Township roads.

Review the full policy by clicking on the link below: