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Paradise Point & Grandview Beach Servicing

Paradise Point and Grandview Beach Update April 2021

2020-21 Hydrogeological Study Findings:

The study was performed by J.L. Richards and Oakridge Environmental Ltd and was presented to Council on April 28, 2021. The in-depth report covers servicing history, interim measures, and hydrogeological study findings.  View the full presentation at


The report recommended that future development occur only with connection to the municipal water system, that any existing lots that utilize a private well should be encouraged to connect to the municipal water system, and that if lots are to be released, an initial set of twenty (20) vacant lots could be released for development for single residential use only (i.e., no communal servicing or multi-unit development). 

Next Steps:

Staff will prepare a report for the June 9th Protective and Development Services Committee Meeting outlining a proposed process to release 20 lots (single detached dwelling units) in the area.  Information on how to join the virtual meeting can be found at the meeting agenda will be available closer to the meeting date at

Notice – Monitoring Well Installation in Grandview Beach and Paradise Point July 20 - 24 2020

During the period from July 20, 2020 to July 24, 2020 approximately ten groundwater monitoring wells will be constructed in Grandview Beach and Paradise Point.  The wells will be constructed with minimal disturbance to the environment and adjacent properties, however, there may be temporary noise and traffic disruptions as a result of the installation process.

The groundwater monitoring wells are being constructed on behalf of Tay Township for a groundwater study in the community. Council approved this study as part of the interim measures identified by the Environmental Assessment for the area. The results will help the Township to determine whether lifting the restrictions on development within the community is viable.  The wells be constructed on municipal lands wherever possible. If access to private property is required, consent will be received from property owners. The wells will be installed by a licensed well contractor (Strata Drilling Group) and will be properly removed after the study has been completed. The anticipated completion of the monitoring program is July 2021.

If you would like to learn more about the well construction process, please visit

Project Completed

All of the new watermain is now in-service.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What to Expect During Construction

PW-2017-74 Grandview Beach and Paradise Point Connection Costs Update

Revision to Letter G dated August 31, 2017

This is to address an error made in the previous Letter G dated August 31, 2017. There was a costing error on Page 2, third paragraph of the section titled "Costs and Connection to the New System." Please find the correct information below:

"Costs and Connection to the New System

As set out in our letter of May 30, 2017, at the May 24, 2017 Council meeting, Schedule 1 of report PW-2017-53 was adopted for consideration. This has been revised and has become Schedule A to By-law No. 2017-64, as attached, and was adopted for implementation at the August 23, 2017 Council meeting (COAC report PW-2017-74).

The new Schedule A provides for a $1,166.24 cap on project cost contribution rather than $5,831.20.

Since you did not pay for water service from January 1, 2015 to January 1, 2017 you will be responsible for a cost of $5831 $1,166.24. This can be paid at the time of connection to the new system or over a ten year period, with interest. Once connected (or not later than January 1, 2021) you will be responsible for full year-round water rates (currently $833 per year)."

In addition, a clarification has been mailed to properties who received Letter G dated August 31, 2017.

Notice of Public Information Centre April 22, 2017

Grandview Beach and Paradise Point Update - March 2017

The following reports provide updates on various aspects of the Grandview Beach and Paradise Point servicing issue. For a brief background review, please refer to the "Introduction/Background" section of Report No. PW-2016-87 Grandview Beach and Paradise Point Consultants Short List and Status.

PW-2016-64 Water System Backflow Prevention

PW-2016-84 Water Fee Relief

PW-2016-85 Water System Backflow Prevent By-law Report and By-law

PW-2016-87 Grandview Beach and Paradise Point Consultants Short List and Status

Class EA Study Completion

Grandview Beach and Paradise Point - Minister's letter July 6, 2016

The Minister of Environment and Climate Change has provided the Township with a decision further to the requests for a Part II Order. The Minister's letter is provided below. A staff report will be provided to the August 10, 2016 Committee of All Council meeting. The staff report will provide further information and options for Council's consideration. As noted in the November 2015 update report, affordability remains a major concern. It is anticipated that the staff recommendation will be, in part, to seek funding from senior levels of government. There will also be recommendations on interim measures and compliance with the Minister's letter. Thank you for your patience with this process.

Grandview Beach and Paradise Point - Minister's Letter July 6, 2016

Grandview Beach Paradise Point Update - November 2015

Notice of Study Completion

Class EA - Final Report

Class EA - Final Report Appendices 1 - 4

Class EA - Final Report Appendices 5 - 10

Class EA - Final Report Appendices A - G

Class EA - Final Report Appendix H

Class EA - Final Report Appendices I - M

2014/2015 Project Information

History of the Study

Historical information about the study as well as recent correspondence and reports is available on the History of the Study page.

The Study

Tay Township is undertaking a Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) to evaluate opportunities to improve the water and wastewater services to all properties in the Grandview Beach and Paradise Point Community (map of the Class EA Study area).

Development restrictions have been in place in the Community since 1974 in response to environmental and well water quality issues.  Studies since 1974 have looked at various options to address these issues. The purpose of the Class EA is to evaluate previously studied and new servicing options in order to improve water and wastewater services in the Community.

The Process

The Class EA is being carried out as a Schedule B project under the Municipal Class EA process. In evaluating ways to improve water and wastewater services for all properties in the Community, the Class EA will provide the framework for a seamless, open, transparent and traceable decision-making process involving public and agency consultation. This will also include consultation with affected Aboriginal communities.

The Class EA will identify alternative solutions and assess their impacts, including mitigation measures to either reduce or eliminate negative impacts, in order to determine a preferred solution. This will include an analysis of the financial impacts of the alternatives and how the associated servicing costs can be shared, deferred and/or funded.

The Consulting Team

Tay Township retained a consulting team led by J.L. Richards & Associates Ltd., in association with Hemson Consulting Ltd. and Golder Associates Ltd., to conduct this Class EA.The Township and the consulting team have signed a Commitment Charter to demonstrate a joint commitment to this Class EA.

Public Consultation

Public and agency consultation are key elements of the Class EA process. A Consultation Plan has been developed to encourage input throughout the study. Consultation activities will be facilitated through:

  • Conducting door-to-door visits to inform people of the study and how they can get involved;
  • Maintaining a comprehensive agency, stakeholder group and contact list;
  • Engaging the community through a Public Liaison Committee;
  • Providing regular study updates by mail and/or email (sign up here);
  • Regularly updating the study website;
  • Two Public Open Houses, one was held on September 13, 2014 and one in the spring of 2015;
  • Vetting decision-making and study activities through a Technical Advisory Committee;
  • Working with a Financial Impacts Committee to confirm the financial impacts of the alternative solutions; and
  • Engaging consultation activities with affected Aboriginal communities.

We would like to hear from you

A contact list for notification by mail or email of study status updates, public information meetings, and other opportunities for public input is being updated regularly. If you wish to be added to the contact list, please complete the sign-up form or contact:

Michael Troop, P. Eng.
Environmental Engineer
J.L. Richards & Associates Limited
107-450 Speedvale Ave. West
Guelph ON  N1H 7Y6
Email Michael Troop 
Phone: 519-763-0713 x6522


Should you require any of this information in an alternate format, please contact one of the people listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Environmental Assessment

Notice of Commencement

Map of the Class EA Study Area

History of the Study

Public Liaison Committee - Terms of Reference

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