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Questionnaires and Surveys

Tay Township collects input from residents and others for use in formulating policies, services and by-laws.

Current Surveys

There are currently no active surveys.

Past Questionnaires and Surveys

2022 Budget Public Engagement Survey

The survey closed on September 13, 2021. Staff are reviewing the results and will report back to Council at a further date. Thank you to all who participated.

Community Space and Recreation Survey

The survey was created by the Community Space Ad-Hoc Committee, and focused on recreation programs, facilities and community spaces throughout the Township. It was open to all residents, stakeholders and community members from April 29 to July 2 2021.

The survey results will be reviewed by the Ad-Hoc Committee, and presented to Council at a future date.

Council Composition Review

Council reviewed the council composition and ward system for the 2022 Municipal Election.  At the April 28, 2021 Regular Council Meeting Council voted on Report CS-2021-34 and Option 2 was carried, and reads:

That the Ward System be eliminated and the composition of council in the Township of Tay remain unchanged at seven (7) members for the 2022 Municipal Election: 

  • Mayor – elected at large
  • Deputy Mayor – elected at large
  • 5 Councillor positions - elected at large

Next Steps: 

A By-law to dissolve the Township of Tay Ward Boundaries is required in accordance with Section 222 of the Municipal Act, 2001, S.O. C.25 to proceed with an At-Large Electoral System for the 2022 Municipal Election; now 

Therefore the required by-law be brought forward for Council’s consideration.

BY-LAW NO. 2021-35

Notice to Dissolve the Ward System of Electoral Representation