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Treasury Department Fee Schedule

Municipal Records Search (excludes utility balances) $350.00
Municipal Records Search Update $200.00
Utility Account Certificate $50.00
Tax Certificate $50.00
Rush Tax Certificate $100.00
Tax/Water Acct Statement (Hard Copy) $10.00
Prior Year Tax or Water Bill (Hard Copy) $20.00
Duplicate Payment Receipt (Hard Copy) $10.00

Returned Item Fee

(NSF/Stop Payment/PAP)



Commissioning Fee (under 60 Years)


Transfer Unpaid Balances to Tax Account


        + HST

Recreation Program Withdrawal Fee $15.00
Blue Recycling Bin $5.00
Green Organics Bin


Water Disconnect/Reconnect Fee

(during normal business hours)


Water Disconnect/Reconnect Fee

(during weekends/after hours)



Duplicate hard copies of current year tax/water bills or payment receipts are provided at no charge.

Invoice Processing Fee - $30.00 + HST

This fee is billed when Tay Township undertakes work on a resident's behalf and those works are then billed back to the property owner.

EDI Processing Fee

This fee is billed when an electronic payment is made to an incorrect account and must be corrected.

1st Notification - No Charge

Subsequent Notifications - $30.00 + HST per occurrence