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Maintenance and Construction Projects Status

Public Works Roads Maintenance

The safety of our roads and infrastructure is very important to us. If you have a question or concern, please feel free to contact us.

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping is a multistep process. Township roads crew perform a first pass on municipal roads to collect accumulated sand and debris.  A second pass is then completed by a contractor to remove any leftover sand and fine materials. This second pass may not immediately follow the first pass.

This year, Spring Street Sweeping started in Port McNicoll, with Victoria Harbour to follow, and will finish in Waubaushene. Please note that rotation changes every year. 


What is a pot hole?

A pot hole is a type of failure in a road surface that typically is caused by a combination of traffic and water saturating the soil material under the road.

On a paved road during a freeze thaw cycle, the water will expand causing the road to crack. This then allows more water to enter the base material causing further loss of material. Eventually, the asphalt layer over these divots collapses, creating potholes. Similarly, a gravel road may become saturated with water and as vehicles travel over the surface the finer materials in the gravel are lost allowing a pot hole to develop.

Should you notice a pothole that needs immediate attention, please visit the online portal or contact Operational Services at 705-534-7248 providing the following information to assist crews in locating the pothole:

  • Name of street
  • Direction and lane (i.e., northbound, right lane)
  • Address of the closest building to pothole
  • Cross street information, if available
  • Size of pothole

Who is responsible for repairing pot holes?

The responsibility to ensure roads are in a good state of repair is Township of Tay. Roads are classified (Class 1 to 5) based on traffic volumes and speed. Each class of road has a specified number of days in which to make repairs.

Submitting a pot hole claim?

When making a claim against the Township of Tay for pothole damages, it is important to note that the Township will not be responsible for your property damage if it has met the Provincial "Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways" (MMS), Ontario Regulation 239/02: MINIMUM MAINTENANCE STANDARDS FOR MUNICIPAL HIGHWAYS, as amended by Ontario Regulation 366/18.

You are required to submit a claim within 10 days of the date of the incident.

You can print and fill out this form and return it to the Drop Box located outside the front doors of our Municipal Office located at 450 Park Street, Victoria Harbour.

Or you can email for more information.

What if your claim is denied?

If records show that MMS service levels were met, your claim will be denied. The Town will outline the results of the investigation in a letter and provide you with the report that justifies the denial.

It is important to know that the majority of property damage claims made against the Township of Tay are denied as the Township regularly meets or exceeds the standard levels of service.

Sod Repair

Sod restorations are scheduled to start in May, to repair damages caused by Winter Control efforts (i.e. sidewalk plough, road plough).

If you have sod damage caused from township snow removal operations please contact the Public Works Department at 705-534-7248 ext. 230.

This section was updated on April 12, 2022.

2021 Road Resurfacing Project

  • Davidson Street (90m) 
    • From Third Avenue to Fourth Avenue 
  • Elliott Side Road (1040m)
    • From Ron Jones Road to Wood Road
  • Bay Street (675m)
    • From Park Street to West Street 
  • Bell Street (135m)
    • From First Avenue to Second Avenue
  • Newton Street (3800m)
    • From Highway 12 to 3800m South 

Provisional Road Sections:

  • Albin Road (1450m)
    • From Pine Street to End
  • George Street (700m)
    • From Park Street to West Street
  • Vents Beach Road (180m)
    • From Highway 12 to Bourgeois Beach Road
  • Elm Street (530m) 
    • From Pine Street to Coldwater Road 

and others.

2021 Gravel Rehabilitation Project

  • Barnes Avenue
    • Arpin Street to North Limit 
  • Comber Place
    • Triple Bay Road to West Limit
  • David Avenue
    • Arpin Street to North Limit
  • Delta Drive
    • Duffy Drive to North Limit
  • Duffy Drive
    • Hearthstone to North Limit
  • Fifth Avenue
    • Arpin Street to North Limit
  • Fowlie Street
    • Victoria Street to South Limit
  • Frazer Lane 
    • Highway 12 to Highway 12 
  • Francis Street 
    • Jephson Street to 33m South 
  • French Road
    • Vasey Road to North Limit
  • Heathstone Drive
    • Bridge to South Limit 
  • Hemlock Avenue
    • Balsam Street to East Limit
  • K Street
    • Seventh Avenue
  • McMann Side Road 
    • Highway 93 to Wood Road
  • Neekaunis Drive
    • Tanners Road to Highway 12
  • Old Coach Road 
    • Gratrix Road to South Limit
  • Rainbow Lane 
    • Hearthstone Drive to West Limit
  • Seventh Avenue
    • K Street to Arpin Street
    Thorpe Avenue
    • Arpin Street to North Limit
  • Young Avenue
    • Arpin Street to North Limit

This section was updated on May 28, 2021.