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Maintenance and Construction Projects Status

Road Surface Maintenance

The safety of our roads and infrastructure is very important to us. If you have a question or concern, please feel free to contact us.

The purpose of road surface maintenance is to repair and respond to road surface deficiencies before they cause larger and more costly repairs. Key road surface maintenance activities include:

  • Patching – Patching pothole and cracks with cold mix or hot mix asphalt to repair minor damage
    • Should you notice a pothole that needs immediate attention, please visit the online portal or contact Operational Services at 705-534-7248 providing the following information to assist crews in locating the pothole:

      • Name of street
      • Direction and lane (i.e., northbound, right lane)
      • Address of the closest building to pothole
      • Cross street information, if available
      • Size of pothole
  • Shoulder Grading – Shoulder grading involves building up gravel shoulders with new materials so they meet the slope of the asphalt. It is also used to remove potholes or rutting that may occur from time to time.
  • Grading Loose Top – Grading gravel roads is required to establish and maintain proper crown and aid in roadway drainage. Grading is used to prevent and repair washouts, potholes and washboards that may form. Grading typically occurs in the spring and fall ( when there is moisture present) to aid in dust control and compaction of the material for a smoother traveling surface.
  • Maintenance Gravel – Gravel roads within the municipality typically receive maintenance gravel every other year as required. The application of maintenance gravel ensures a consistent travelling surface and that a proper road structure is in place to support vehicles.
  • Dust Control – Dust control is applied in the spring after the roads have been graded and proper crown and drainage has been achieved. Typically the dust suppressant applied is calcium chloride, which binds the dust to the gravel providing longer lasting dust control.
  • Washout and Base Repair – Washout and base repairs occur to roads that have been damaged due to heavy rains or flooding.

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping occurs in the spring after the winter maintenance season has ended (typically the middle of April), and removes dirt and debris that has accumulated through the winter season .Street Sweeping is a multistep process. Township roads crew perform a first pass on municipal roads to collect accumulated sand and debris.  A second pass is then completed by a contractor to remove any leftover sand and fine materials. This second pass may not immediately follow the first pass.

Please note: Street Sweeping for spring 2022 has been completed. 

Roadside Maintenance

The purpose of roadside maintenance is to keep roadside areas in a tidy and safe condition. Roadside operations consist of:

  • Roadside Cutting – Mowing to improve roadside visibility and control weeds and tree growth.
  • Tree Removal & Trimming – Removing trees and tree limbs that pose hazard to the public or obstruct visibility.
  • Brush Cutting – Removing and maintaining the right of way; this may include brush trimming and removal, either through the use of a brush head or boom mowers, or selective maintenance using chainsaws. Brush removal results in better visibility and roadside operations.
  • Debris & Litter Pick Up – Picking up illegally dumped garbage including litter tossed from vehicles.
  • Deceased Animal Recovery – Removing dead animals found on municipal roadways.
  • Roadway Spraying – Roadside spraying is used on the trail and at guardrails for Hog Weed.

2022 Road Program




Lumber Road

Ellen St

Victoria St

Donahue Street

Duckworth St


Duckworth Street

Donahue St

Lumber St

Park Street

Lions Ct

Richard St

Lions Court

Park St


Winfield Drive

William St


Mountain Avenue

Cherry St

Elm St

Coldwater Rd

Tay Shore Trail

Hazel St

Hogg Valley Road – Double Surface Treatment

Ron Jones Rd

Old Fort Rd

Hogg Valley Road – Double Surface Treatment

Old Fort Rd

Rumney Rd

Old Penetanguishene Road (50/50 with Tiny Township)

HWY 93 – Ebenezer SR/ Forget Road

 Subway Rd

Sandhill Road (Tendered with Penetanguishene)

Vasey Road

2000m North

St. Mary/Florence Street (100m)

Jephson Street


Fowlie Street (120m)

Victoria Street

Lily Street

Victoria Street

Lumber Road

Fowlie Street

2021 Completed Road Works Road Works

2021 Completed Asphalt and Gravel Work

Other Maintenance

Drainage and Structure Maintenance

The purpose of drainage and structure maintenance is to prevent flooding by directing surface water to appropriately maintained outlets such as culverts, ditches, bridges, and catch basins, and storm water management ponds.

  • Ditching – Digging and maintaining roadside ditches prevent flooding and erosion. This maximizes drainage while maintaining erosion control.
  • Structure Inspection – In accordance with the Ontario Standards for bridges, all structures are inspected bi-annually for safety and in accordance with the Ontario Structure Inspection Manual.
  • Culvert Maintenance – This work involves repairing and installing culverts that carry water under roadways.
  • Driveway Culverts – Driveway culverts are the responsibility of the homeowner to repair & replace if damaged. However, the township will flush and clear culverts if there is a blockage. 
  • Maintenance Hole & Catch Basin Repair and Maintenance – Inspecting, cleaning, and repairing of catch basins and maintenance holes that carry roadway drainage.

Sidewalk Maintenance

Sidewalks are inspected each summer for hazards and damage; replacement of damaged sidewalk panels typically takes place in the fall.

Sign & Streetlight Maintenance

All signs are inspected yearly for reflectivity and stability of the posts and mounting hardware. Signs are replaced as needed base on inspections and ongoing monitoring.

Streetlight functions are reviewed yearly (typically at night in the fall) to ensure all streetlights are functioning properly. Streetlights that are not functioning can be reported to the municipality by calling 705-534-7248.

Road Patrol

In accordance with the Ontario Minimum Maintenance Standards, all roads within the municipality are patrolled based on the road classification which determines the frequency based on speed and volume. During road patrol, numerous roadway characteristics are monitored to ensure a safe and efficient transportation system.

Line Painting Program

The municipality has a program in place to refresh and maintain pavement markings. Line Painting typically occurs in the spring after street sweeping activities have been completed and the temperature and weather are consistently above 10 degrees Celsius..

If your vehicle inadvertently drives over the fresh undried paint, paint may end up on the vehicle. In the unfortunate event this occurs, please be advised due to insurance laws, Tay Township does not directly pay any claims related to vehicle damage. It is recommended that you submit a claim through your insurance and they will review and assign fault as appropriate.

Traffic Control

Starting in the spring and running to the fall the municipality undertakes a traffic counting program. This program provides valuable information to staff regarding changes to vehicle volumes and is used to review roadway classifications as it pertains to the minimum maintenance standards.

Township of Tay Operational Services Department

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Submitting a pot hole claim?

When making a claim against the Township of Tay for pothole damages, it is important to note that the Township will not be responsible for your property damage if it has met the Provincial "Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways" (MMS), Ontario Regulation 239/02: MINIMUM MAINTENANCE STANDARDS FOR MUNICIPAL HIGHWAYS, as amended by Ontario Regulation 366/18.

You are required to submit a claim within 10 days of the date of the incident.

You can print and fill out this form and return it to the Drop Box located outside the front doors of our Municipal Office located at 450 Park Street, Victoria Harbour.

What if your claim is denied?

If records show that MMS service levels were met, your claim will be denied. The Town will outline the results of the investigation in a letter and provide you with the report that justifies the denial.

It is important to know that the majority of property damage claims made against the Township of Tay are denied as the Township regularly meets or exceeds the standard levels of service.

This section was updated on June 14, 2022.