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Construction Projects

Tay Area Water Treatment Plant Capacity Upgrade

The design of the Phase 2 expansion (capacity upgrade) of the Tay Area Water Treatment Plant (WTP) in Victoria Harbour was started in October 2019. 

The first phase of the WTP expansion was completed in 2015 to provide water treatment capacity for an approximate population of 10,000 persons.  Three of the four original filters were replaced with more compact and higher performance membrane filters, all pumps were replaced, and the electrical and ventilation systems were upgraded.

The second phase of expansion will involve replacing the last media filter with a fourth membrane filter, which will bring the WTP to its full expanded capacity (approximately 11,800 persons) and consider the addition a treatment system to improve the aesthetic quality of the drinking water.     

A pilot study of two treatment approaches for the reduction of taste and odour in the drinking water is being completed on site by the Walkerton Clean Water Centre.  The study will be completed by the end of December 2019.  The study findings will be used to evaluate the most cost-effective approach and design criteria for the removal or breakdown of the taste and odour compounds.

While the treatment capacity portion of the project will be completed within the existing building, it has not been determined if there are external works required for the aesthetic quality portion of the project.  Construction of the WTP Phase 2 expansion is planned to be completed in fall 2020.

This section was updated on December 17, 2019.

Pumping Station Addition

Project Scope

The water supply low lift pumping station at 2 Lighthouse Crescent is being expanded to increase the storage capacity for coagulant used in the water treatment process. This will improve water system reliability, allow for more efficient use of staff time and reduce coagulant purchasing costs. The building addition will house two double wall storage tanks.


The building is now enclosed. Finishing works are proceeding.The equipment is expected to be in service early in 2020.

This section was updated on December 16, 2019.

2019 Paving Program

Nearly 17 kilometres of roads in Tay have been paved this fall. Tay Township has improved the sections of the roads listed below.

Paving and Restoration Complete

  • Albert Street from Jephson Street to George Street
  • Bannister Street from Vasey Road to south end
  • Duck Bay Road from Meadows Avenue to Forest Harbour Parkway
  • Ebenezer Side Road from Old Penetanguishene Road to Wood Road
  • First Avenue from Arpin Street to Woodlands Avenue
  • Forest Harbour Parkway from Duck Bay Road to 700 metres east
  • Gervais Road from Vasey Road to Hogg Valley Road
  • Maskinonge Road from Caswell Road to south end
  • Osborne Street from Robins Point Road to 750 metres west
  • Ron Jones Road from 200 metres north of Hogg Valley Road to McMann Side Road
  • Ron Jones Road from Ebenezer Side Road to 400 metres south
  • Rumney Road from Elliott Side Road to 1,850 metres south
  • Seventh Avenue from Alberta Street to Athabaska Street
  • Truax Lane from Vasey Road to north end
  • Wood Road from Ebenezer Side Road to 700 metres south

2020 Work 

  • Triple Bay Road from Talbot Street to north end
    • 2019 paving complete.
    • Due to utility challenges the 160m section north of Talbot will be completed in the spring of 2020. 

This section was updated on December 5, 2019.