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Mayor and Council

Tay Township is governed by an elected Council consisting of a Mayor, a Deputy Mayor and five Councillors who represent our three wards.

Municipal Council members are elected for a four-year term. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected at large by all voters in the Township, while Council members are elected by voters within their specific wards. The ward map will help you find your Council representative.

*Please note that for the 2022 Municipal Election the ward system has been dissolved. Council reviewed the council composition and ward system for the 2022 Municipal Election and at the April 28, 2021 Regular Council Meeting Council voted on Report CS-2021-34 and Option 2 was carried, and reads:

That the Ward System be eliminated and the composition of council in the Township of Tay remain unchanged at seven (7) members for the 2022 Municipal Election: 

  • Mayor – elected at large
  • Deputy Mayor – elected at large
  • 5 Councillor positions - elected at large

Committee Meetings are held monthly on the second Wednesday, Protective and Development Services at 9:30 a.m. followed by Operational Services at 1:30 p.m.  Corporate Services Meetings are held the second Thursday at 10:00 a.m. with regular Council meetings held monthly on the fourth Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

Meetings take place in the Council Chambers, and are open to the public. The meeting schedule is subject to change. For a listing of all meetings, go to the Meeting CalendarCouncil Delegation Request Form

The Municipality's Procedural By-law provides the rules of order and procedures for the Council and Committees of the Township.

The Council Code of Conduct was reviewed and adopted by Council in 2016. The Code of Conduct is administered by the Council-appointed Integrity Commissioner. In addition, Council is governed by the Council-Staff Relations Policy which was adopted in 2018.

Registry of Declarations of Interest

Council Code of Conduct Formal Complaint Form

Role of the Mayor

  • To act as Chief Executive Officer of the Municipality and:

    • support the purposes of the Municipality;
    • encourage public involvement in the Municipality's activities;
    • act as the representative of the Municipality both inside and outside the Township and promote the Municipality in this area, the country and the world;
    • participate in and foster activities that enhance the well-being of the Municipality and its residents.
  • To chair Council meetings so that business can be carried out efficiently and effectively;
  • To provide leadership to Council;
  • To represent the Municipality at official functions;
  • To carry out the duties of the Head of Council under the Municipal Act or any other Act;
  • To act as Council's representative when working with other levels of government and business;
  • To serve on the Council of the County of Simcoe;
  • To serve as an ex officio member of all committees or other body established or appointed by Council (the Mayor may vote and otherwise participate, unless prohibited by law, in the business of the committee or other body on the same basis as any other Committee member).

Role of Council

  • To take care of the interests of residents of the Municipality;
  • To create and assess policies and programs of the Municipality;
  • To decide which services the Municipality provides;
  • To make sure that policies and procedures are in place to follow Council's instructions;
  • To make sure that all business done by senior staff is done fairly and responsibly;
  • To protect the finances of the Municipality; and
  • To carry out the duties of Council under the Municipal Act or any other Act.