Update: 2024-A-08 - Notice of Meeting - 43 Windermere Circle

Update: Correction made to the Street number. The correct street number is bolded below.

FILE NO. 2024-A-08

This is a matter of an application made pursuant to Section 45 of the Planning Act to the
Committee of Adjustment submitted by Terry and Ruth Sommers, owners of 43 Windermere
Circle, legally described as Plan 51M599, Lot 11, Township of Tay.

The applicant is requesting relief from three (3) provisions of the Township of Tay Zoning By-law 2000-57 as amended, to permit the construction of a detached garage with a ground floor
area of 130 square metres, whereas 111 square metres is required, a height of 6.4 metres,
whereas 6.0 metres is required, and an interior side yard setback of 3.0 metres, whereas 9.0
metres is required.

The below chart summarizes the required and proposed reliefs:

Section 4.1.6 Required Proposed
Maximum ground floor area of an
accessory building on lots over
4,046 metres (1 acre) in size.
111.0 m2 (1194.79 ft2) 130.0 m2 (1399.31 ft2)
Maximum height of an accessory
building on lots over 4,046 metres
(1 acre) in size.
6.0 metres (19.69 feet) 6.4 metres (21.0 feet)
Section 11.3.3  Required Proposed
(iii) Minimum Required Yards
Interior Side
9.0 metres (29.52 feet) 3.0 metres (3.94 feet)

A key map, site plan drawing, and elevation plan is included in this notice.

The Committee of Adjustment will consider this application on Wednesday, June 19th, 2024,
at 6:00 p.m.

Take Notice that any person may make a submission in support of or in opposition to the
proposed Minor Variance application. Written submissions regarding the proposal can be sent to
the Committee of Adjustment Secretary-Treasurer at planning@tay.ca, or by mail at Township
of Tay 450 Park Street, PO Box 100 Victoria Harbour, ON L0K 2A0, facsimile 705-534-4493. The
Secretary-Treasurer will speak to the comments received as part of the presentation to
Committee. The Committee of Adjustment will be meeting remotely via Zoom video and
telephone conference.

To view the meeting online visit https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82333158585
or www.tay.ca/Meetings for info on how to connect. To listen by telephone call 705-
999-0385 (a local telephone number) and enter meeting ID number: 823 3315 8585

If you are unable to make written submissions and therefore wish to make an oral statement
during the meeting, you can do so by using the “raise hand” function on the Zoom Video call or
on a dial pad of a phone by dialing *9 while connected to the meeting by telephone.
If you, or your agent, do not attend the hearing (by remote video or telephone conference), it
may proceed in your absence and except as otherwise prescribed by regulation; you will not be
entitled to any further notice in the proceedings

If you wish to be notified of the decision of the Committee of Adjustment in respect of the
proposed minor variance, or provide comments prior to the meeting date, you must make a
written request to the Secretary-Treasurer.

Dated: June 5th, 2024
Todd Weatherell, RPP, CPT
Secretary Treasurer

Attached: Committee of Adjustment Notice of Meeting 

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