Budget and Finances

Each year Council reviews and approves a Long-Term Plan and an Annual Budget.

The Long-Term Plan is developed in conjunction with the Asset Management Plan and the Energy Management Plan. The Long-Term Plan enables Council to set priorities for Capital and significant expenditures along with their planned funding.

The Annual Budget is split into two areas

This budget covers municipal projects related to new assets or the rehabilitation of existing ones including roads, sewers, parks, facilities, equipment and more.

This budget covers the day to day operations of Tay Township and funds such municipal services and programs as fire protection services, by-law enforcement, planning and development, building inspection services, economic development, road maintenance and repair, snow removal, water and wastewater maintenance and parks and recreation.

The Preliminary Budget is approved in December, ensuring an approved budget is in place for the start of the year. Council reviews and revises the Final Budget and adopts it along with the new tax rates in May of each year.

Online version of the 2022 Tay Township Annual Report
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