Lot Grading and Drainage

What is Lot Grading?

Lot grading involves sloping the land in a lot in order to direct the water flow away from a buildings foundation and towards a suitable location without affecting a neighboring property.

Property owners are responsible for their own lot grading. Contact the Operational Services Department at 705-534-7248 ext. 255 to ensure that you are taking the right steps to prevent flooding on your property.

Flooding caused by heavy precipitation, melting snow, or runoff may pose problems for all kinds of properties. Older and newer houses, residential and commercial developments may be at risk for flooding if proper precautions are not taken.


One Way Drainage - All drainage flows toward the street.

Split Drainage - In split drainage the house is the high point and the lot is graded so that surface drainage flows toward the street and the rear lot line and catch basin.

Rear Yard Catch Basins are located at low points along the rear of the property lines to allow water to enter the storm drainage system which usually requires an easement. 

Swales are shallow grassed drainage channels to collect water and direct it away from the building foundation to a suitable location without affecting a neighboring property.

Prior to application for a building permit, an individual lot grading plan shall be submitted.

A Lot Grading Plan designer must meet one of the following qualifications: Certified Ontario Land Surveyor (OLS), Professional Engineer (P. Eng.), a Landscape Architect (OALA) or a Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.) qualified in grading and drainage design. They shall design the Plan so that it conforms to all requirements of this Procedure

The Lot Grading Plan shall be reviewed by the Township for approval prior to a building permit being issued.

Lot grading deposits shall not be returned until all inspections have been completed and passed. 

Lot Grading & Drainage inspections address residential drainage as part of the residential subdivision process and private residential construction.

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