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Council Members

Council is comprised of a Mayor, Deputy Mayor (both elected at large) and five Councillors—two from Ward 1, two from Ward 2, and one from Ward 3.

Ted Walker
705-534-7248 x258
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Headshot of Mayor Ted Walker

Deputy Mayor
Gerard LaChapelle
Voicemail: 705-534-7248 x290
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 Headshot of Deputy Mayor Gerard LaChapelle

Councillor Ward 1
Paul Raymond
Voicemail: 705-534-7248 x291
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Headshot of Councillor Paul Raymond
Councillor Ward 1
Sandy Talbot
Home: 705-534-3127
Voicemail: 705-534-7248 x292
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Headshot of Councillor Sandy Talbot
Councillor Ward 2
Jeff Bumstead
Voicemail: 705-534-7248 x293
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Headshot of Councillor Jeff Bumstead

Councillor Ward 2
Mary Warnock
Home: 705-534-3933
Voicemail: 705-534-7248 x294
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Headshot of Councillor Mary Warnock

Councillor Ward 3
Barry Norris
Home: 705-538-1560
Voicemail: 705-534-7248 x295
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Headshot of Councillor Barry Norris

Please forward all written correspondence to the Municipal Office to the attention of the Member of Council you would like it directed to.