Airboat Rescue

Southern Georgian Bay Airboat Rescue Community Fundraiser

On January 17, 2021 in two separate incidents, three lives were lost during unstable ice conditions on Georgian Bay. A local group of Tay Township residents volunteered to raise funds for the purchase of an airboat for the Tay Fire and Emergency Services (TFES)

An airboat would greatly assist TFES in preforming rescues in adverse weather, water and ice conditions in both a safe and expedient manner.

The Sever 650K Airboat combines the best features of both a traditional airboat and air-cushioned vehicle (hovercraft) providing year-round use. It can operate in shallow water, marshy environments, over snow, open water and onto land and has an enclosed heated and sound proofed cabin for up to eight people, allowing for quality treatment of patients. The open front deck allows for rescue operations, and the transport of firefighting equipment with direct access to the cabin.

Tay Township Council and TFES are grateful and appreciative of this fundraising group, and the addition of the Sever 650K would broaden TFES ability to quickly and safely respond to calls on water, ice and island properties.

For more information please contact | Tay Township Fire Chief Shawn Aymer | 705-534-7248 x253

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