Quality Management System Operational Plan

The Township of Tay currently has a Quality Management System (QMS) Operational Plan in place, which defines and documents the quality management policies and procedures specific to the municipality's drinking water system.

The QMS Operational Plan  identifies product standards and services to our suppliers which affect the delivery of safe drinking water.

Communications with staff and our customers has improved as a direct reflection of the QMS Operational Plan and our commitment to continual improvement.

Policy Statement

The Township is committed to the consumer to ensure a consistent supply of safe, high quality drinking water, and to maintain and continuously improve its quality management system and to meet all applicable regulations.

Working to ensure the QMS is maintained and continually improved

Abide by legislation and applicable M.O.E. Regulations

Treat the water to ensure safe, high quality drinking water

Educate the public regarding the importance of water

Respect and protect our precious resource - "water"

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